Personalizing your experience

In this article, we are going to go over how you can personalize your experience within the SwiftSole mobile app. Please note some features that we will go over may be limited to the Pro membership plan.

The SwiftSole mobile app uses a custom algorithm that takes in what types of information you are interested in seeing (aka "Categories"), and gives you a personalized list of brands that we think you might be interested in staying up-to-date with.

The screen below is the Categories screen on SwiftSole. At the time of writing we allow users to select from the following Categories: Sneakers, Streetwear, Art, Discounts, Collectibles, and Hats.

You are required to select at least three categories.

SwiftSole Categories Screen

Based on your selection of categories, you will see a customized list of Brands that we think you may be interested in (as seen on the screen below).

You are required to select at least five brands.

SwiftSole Brands Screen

As mentioned previously these brand selections will allow you to see what you are most interested in first, however, you can still access all of the other content even if you do NOT select it.

Unselected Brands and Categories will be lower priority therefore they will be shown last in your releases feed.

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To continue our talk of personalization, we recommend you read the Alerts Setup Article.

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